The following tips provide helpful hints for university and VCU Medical Center subjects featured in a video.

  • Relax. Perhaps the most important tip of all.
  • Know the key messages you want to leave with the audience. Use anecdotes if appropriate to help convey your message or emphasize a point.
  • Talk to the anchor/interviewer. This is a conversation between the two of you. Forget about the camera and lights.
  • Keep your answers fairly concise.
  • Avoid acronyms and professional jargon. Imagine the anchor is a student or patient and you are explaining this particular topic to them for the first time.
  • Don’t script your responses. You already know your subject thoroughly. You and your answers will be more credible if you respond without being tied to a script.
  • Assume your microphone is always on. Even when it appears the camera is not on, be cognizant of what you say before and after the interview.
  • Try and keep your energy level high. Even if the topic involves serious medical conditions, try and remain hopeful and upbeat. Use gestures and vary the tone of your voice.
  • Dress conservatively. Well-tailored, clean suits, solid shirts and blouses (subtle patterns are OK) work best on camera. Avoid white shirts and tops, unless a jacket will cover it. Avoid large flashy jewelry. You’ll have a chance before the interview to check your appearance.
  • Turn off your pager and cell phone.