Brand standards guide

The Virginia Commonwealth University brand standards guide ensures that the university and medical center identity is always represented in a consistent manner that continues to build local, national and international recognition, providing VCU with a visual signature for all forms of communication.

This guide defines our primary brand, co-brands and sub-brands, and provides an outline of acceptable and unacceptable uses for each, both in print materials as well as on the Web. These brand marks, as well as scripts to add the brand bar to your website, are available in our downloads section.

Social media guidelines, as well as an editorial style guide, are included in the document as well.

If you have any additional questions, or an exception that is not addressed within the guidelines, please contact or (804) 827-0904.


Main Street bridge and walkway

All requests to hang a banner from the Main Street bridge/walkway exterior should go through University Relations. University Relations will approve banner designs as well as maintain a reservation calendar for that location. Requests should be emailed to (Please note: MCV Campus banners are handled through James Morrisard.)

Trademark and licensing

Virginia Commonwealth University and the VCU Health have registered their names, logos and trademarks with the commonwealth of Virginia State Corporation Commission. The most familiar symbols are the Virginia Commonwealth University seal, logo and emblem; the VCU Ram logo and the VCU Health logo. Official licensing and trademark information is available through VCU Business Services.